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Re: Destiny trilogy - speculations

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At mine you have to actually order Trek titles now. They no longer stock anything Trek related.
That blows. My local Borders received three copies of Gods of Night. Despite having one on order through work -- which I won't have for three more weeks, despite already paying for it -- I bought it when it saw it.

So Dave's getting two copies bought from me.
The bad thing has been watching the progression over the last six or seven years.

Seven years ago they had an entire case devoted to Star Trek novels and one shelf devoted to Star Wars. About four years ago those shelves were even. Now Trek is down to one shelf and Star Wars the full bookcase (well progressing further its now Star Wars only on that case)
Same here, it seems like every time I go to the nearby Barnes & Noble they have even less Trek books. The Borders Trek supply is going down too, but it doesn't seem to be happening quite as quick. Althought I think that might be due to a difference in shelf size more than anything.
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