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October Writing Challenge - Ghosts!

I was going to try for something fancy in this challenge, but then I figured why mess with a great concept like the Hallowe'en ghost story?

So that's your challenge - write me a ghost story.

To be more specific - a story involving the paranormal/supernatural in some way - but scary - after all, this is the Hallowe'en challenge!

So we can have Mistral's Star Trek fairies, but they need to be eating the colonists!

3,000 words.

Any questions - type 'em here.

EDIT: will also allow "apparently paranormal / supernatural stories" so the Star Trek fairies can actually be Orion smugglers if you want. Just keep it scary and, at least at first, paranormal/supernatural.

Oh and closing date will be midnight October 31st (greenwich mean time - so I'll have all the stories for my Hallowe'en )
Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence - Dr. McCoy

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