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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Bonjour, Ria!

I'm actually teaching myself Francois just now, and I'm you watch VGR in English or French? And if the latter, is it terribly different in the latter language?
How pleasant was my surprise when, meaning to greet you as the latest newcomer before you, I found you were addressing me as well!

To answer your question, today we French are fortunate enough to have original English, subtitled versions of Voyager and Enterprise on the soon-to-be 3-year-old French SciFi channel. Same with Farscape and BSG. Oh, and The Original Series too but that got less reruns.
Being a translator/subtitler myself, I even had a chance to edit the subtitles of a few Voyager episodes. I got to correct a few mistakes.
Previously, I saw some TNG and DS9 in French dubbing on another cable channel, and I'm afraid that sounds very dull. Not to mention the usual careless translations of technobabble in all science fiction. I'll always remember when I first saw Star Wars (ep IV) in English and discovered that what Luke called "laso-conveyor pumps" or something in French actually were mere "power converters".
When I'm watching science fiction on cable with optional French subtitles, I often get rid of them because they just anger me. I think that the bad dubbings are one of the main reasons science fiction has been a minor genre in France, and Star Trek, generally a laughing matter. But in the movies, we're getting to be good at horror and we're beginning to produce or direct good enough, big-budget science fiction this past decade or so.(5th element, Alien 4...) Not that we ever produced much small-budget science fiction beyond François Truffaut's Farenheit 451.

So welcome FoxMulder710, I don't know how much forum experience you have but even though I haven't read much of you yet, by number of posts I see you're even less shy than I was in the beginning. It felt nice to get 2 promotions in 10 days. (That aspect of the forum is fun. I see you're getting yours in less time than you can get used to any rank, writer extraordinaire. 47 posts in less than 2 days? I's gotta be a record.)
You probably won't miss the "Caption This" stuff like I did for 8 days before I thought of checking it out, because I couldn't understand what it meant. It also took me a while to realize there were more than one page of threads... or that I could check out people's profiles by clicking on their name. I didn't put much biography in mine. I guess I'll edit it one of these days.

P.S. Do you know Tim Buckley's Song To The Siren that goes,
"Were you hare when I was fox" ?

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