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Re: Red Alert: Assemble your crew

The God Thing wrote: View Post
Captain - Christopher Pike.
First Officer - Willard Decker.
Security Chief - Pavel Chekov.
Chief Engineer - Montgomery Scott.
Chief Science Officer - Sonak.
Helm - Hikaru Sulu.
Navigator - Ilia.
CMO- Leonard McCoy.
Communications - Nyota Uhura.
Restroom Attendant - Jean-Luc Picard.
Cook - Benjamin Sisko.
Inexpensive Rec-Room Dominatrix - Kathryn Janeway.
Gymnasium Punching Bag - Jonathan Archer.

Well, at least you acknowledged the post-TOS characters. Progress!

- Benjamin Sisko
First officer- William T. Riker
Security Chief- Worf
Chief Engineer- Miles O'Brien
Chief Science officer- Data
Pilot/helm - Tom Paris
CMO- Julian Bashir
Operations/Communications- Harry Kim
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