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Re: Red Alert: Assemble your crew

Who I like and who I think does the best job is pretty much the same thing for me...

Captain- Sisko
First officer- Spock
Security Chief- Odo
Chief Engineer- Trip
Chief Science officer- Data
Pilot/helm - Sulu
CMO- McCoy
Operations/Communications- Uhura
Special- Kira (not sure what 'Special' means, but I want Kira on the team)
Bartender - Quark
"Special Ops" - Garak (with Kira)
Cardassian Liaison - Damar (not as dead as he seemed)
Dominion Liaison - Weyoun (ditto)
Andorian Liaison - Shran
Vulcan Liaison - Soval
Klingon Liaison - Martok
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