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Re: Is anyone else sick of the junk coming out of both Marvel and DC?

I don't think its too bad for either but I will admit that I haven't been impressed by Secret Invasion or Final Crisis. I like SI better because at least I know the principal characters. To get FC it seems you really have be steeped in DC lore, which I am not.

That being said I think both companies do have some good stuff out now:
-Captain America is pretty good. I hope they keep Steve Rogers in the morgue. Bucky rocks.
-Thor is good, though JMS is going very slow with it.
-Red Hulk has been pretty good. Haven't read the last book, and it was starting to fade a little around book 4. However, I've never been a big fan of Hulk comics but this one kept my attention. World War Hulk was also good.
-I think Moon Knight, Black Panther, and New Warriors are okay. Daredevil still seems to be going well, though I am far from a regular reader of it.

-Superman's Brainiac arc is good.
-Batman RIP is uneven, but still intriguing. I'm finding myself liking the side stories of RIP rather than Morrison's work, which veers into the wierd a bit too much for my tastes.
-I like Justice League. I really enjoyed the Amazo story recently-I would love to see this villian in a film someday-and the new Vixen storyline is interesting.
-I also like Batman and the Outsiders. I don't read them all the time, but those books aren't bad. The new Titan series is okay too.
-The Vertigo line has been okay, well at least Y: The Last Man (though I didn't like how the story concluded)

What I dislike:

Marvel: I hate One More Day/Brand New Day. Terrible direction for Spidey, though the artwork is good. And I give them credit for introducing a new slew of villians. I just can't get into the X-Men anymore. I think they've been overexposed and I find their stories to be far too convoluted.

DC: I don't like Flash's family, it just reminds me of the Incredibles. In one way it's good to see evolution with the character, but something about it just doesn't work for me.
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