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Re: Is anyone else sick of the junk coming out of both Marvel and DC?

Leroy wrote: View Post
I stopped reading Marvel after they turned Iron Man into a villain.
And I can't abide that.

Gojirob wrote: View Post
Another one was, of course, the IM editors not caring how Tony Stark was depicted in the pages of CW. I generally liked JMS Spidey stuff. But in the CW issues, Tony was this ravening fascist, and basically told Peter unmask or be outed. Then, to top it off, dialogue from a Spidey issue (They're never being released, Peter) that follows *directly* into a Main CW issue is altered between issues. Not just phrasing, mind you. But the same line, taken from the same scene (Only until they register, Peter. Then they'll be released). The first instance makes Iron Man completely corrupt, and the second makes you wonder what the hell has Spidey up in arms. No where is it said that Spidey's worries are making him hear things.
Plus it's only in the ONE Spider-Man issue where the SHRA is shown not to be so fascist. Tony did some dickish things (becoming a father figure to Peter so he'd unmask of his own accord), but he really did what he thought was right. One just has to look reallllyyyy long-term to see it better. Secret Invasion is a big example of that.
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