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Re: Silent Hill: Homecoming (360, PS3, PC)

Okay, the game is now making sense now that I'm at the final boss. I've gotta admit, this one sure as Hell beats the forth game, and is even slightly a little better than the forth. It just takes toward the end of the game for things to slide into focus, or, as a proudful Silent Hill fan would say, for the fog to thin. Can't wait to see which ending I get, but I don't think I'll be replaying to get the alternate endings. I'll wait to see them when they're all on YouTube.

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I'm not much of a survivor horror fetch the 5 pieces of the key kind of guy, so I probably won't grab this any time soon. I guess I'm mostly interested because of the fact that the developers are American and there's the whole "fear" that Americans can't get Silent Hill right.
Eh, I'll agree with you on that, but with this one, I feel as though more work into it than the previous one had. This one has the feeling most probably didn't get from TR, at least IMO.

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I LOVE Silent Hill 2 and I like SIlent Hill 3 (haven't played the others except for a bit of the PSP one). However IGN didn't think too much of this one so I'm a bit wary. I mostly play Silent Hill for the story and atmosphere, so as long as they are good I don't care about the combat. I'll probably play it on easy mode anyway.
IGN wasn't too kind in their review, if you ask me. You can ask many fans of the series that this one certainly does capture the story and atmosphere as best as it could. But, just so you know, there is no Easy difficulty setting. Not one I've seen, anyway. And from the standpoint of somebody who doesn't play very many action games, the Medium setting is ridiculously hard for me.

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I have a feeling they're going to go on to a more movie like storyline. I read online that they had originally planned for the next Silent Hill game (which became this one) to be a remake of the film.
I just hope the next one we'll eventually get will find the best of both worlds next time.

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I think I'm done with the Silent Hill franchise till there's a radical re-think.
Agreed. Those first few games were incredible from a narrative perspective, and I loved the honest attempt to tell some truly original horror stories in the awesomely creepy setting of that god-forsaken town. The mythos of Silent Hill, its inhabitants, and the various individuals drawn to it was really something to get your teeth into. Then came The Room, and I just lost all much so that I've scarcely followed Homecoming at all, aside from the acknowledgement that the cover art is creepy awesome.
Eh, this one actually is pretty good from a narrative, but only as things come into focus. Otherwise, you're pretty confused and wondering where the Hell exactly you are and what you are doing besides looking for your brother, Joshua. TR shallows in comparison to this one, but then again, it's just my silly opinion.
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