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Re: Sanctuary 1x01/02 - "Sanctuary for All" - Grading & Discussion

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hmmmmm so far i must say that this show has potential. I hope the nect hour keeps to the beat its been going at.

the only negative for me is the fake british accent

its not quite british enough...and being that its Amanda Tapping your not used to the accent, it seems forced but as it gones on its acceptable.

This show's premire may get an Excellent out of me yet
Amanda Tapping was born in Britain so I don't think the accent is as forced as you think it is and IMO it's a nice gentle accent.
I knew that, its just she played Samantha Carter for what? 11 years I think. Thats a non brti character and by living and working in Vancover I would exspect one to lose their natural accent or atleast weaken it. She seems to slide in and out of it from time to time but as the show went on i can see her getting more used to it.
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