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Re: What was the point of FC?

Timo doesn't care much what the writer intent was--he'll spin an incredibly dense and brilliant theory around some of the dumbest stuff Trek has done and he'll make the dumbest Trek writers sound like a cross between Stanislaw Lem and the Hal 9000. We love him for it.

Really, the queen was born of what you say--a desire to sex us up, as Shatner might speak/croon--and from a silly, rudimentary concept of what the "queen" in an insect colony does. (Termite queens have it so bad they will scrape their legs down to nubs trying to escape their grotesque egg-legging abdomens; they aren't so much slaves of the colony as they are victims of natural selection, as are we all.) Thematically, she was born of something far darker: a misogynistic caricature of the sexually voracious and manipulative chick who not only gets between a man and his best friend but his favorite gadget as well (both "incarnated" in Data). She's the yin to the collective's yang: where the colllective is dispassionate, she's motivated by lust and loneliness; where the collective is direct, she is devious; where the collective uses masculine force; she gives "blow" jobs. Despicable, really. But you know what? So what? FC is still the only TNG movie with a scintilla of entertainment value.
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