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^ ^ Clearly things cannot be accomplished by just tapping their ruby slippered nanites together and wishing; otherwise they wouldn't be walking around, doing things. What you'd have in that case would be more out of ENT: "Dead Stop," and not a Borg collective. (And nobody ever said that facility wasn't built by humanoids.) The Borg as we have seen them indeed are humanoid; whoever said otherwise? One visit with the queen, and it's all too clear they are quite humanoid.
i know, but their their tech suggests they don't need biological bodies. that's just what i'm getting at. you can't say that they don't have the tech to build nanotech bodies like replicators, because even the federation were getting to that stage with their nanites. even if not constructing bodies, the nanites are at least capable of doing any menial tasks the drones are doing.

if they're after advancement and perfection, drones and biological bodies would not, and does not, fit into their goals. so why do they still have them? an analogy would be like if someone is able to see into the past at will but then keeps wondering what he did before as if he had no way of knowing. they're just not using their abilities to their potential therefore they are not efficient. it's a flaw in their logic. the only thing i can think of is that the queen or the collective itself has an unconscious need to keep humanoid bodies. much like the vulcans, though they value logic and unemotional responses, sometimes they can't help but be illogical and emotional because it's still a part of them no matter how much they want to supress it. there's still probably some unconscious "humanity" within the collective (or the queen if she's the collective herself), that even they are not aware of. the primary directive of life - to live.
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