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Re: Is anyone else sick of the junk coming out of both Marvel and DC?

I got back into comics a year ago, but they're so damn expensive I buy extremely few issues. It's better just to get the trades, particularly if you can sell them off online and make your money back.

I started off just with DC and I loved it. I enjoyed Infinite Crisis though I haven't read many of the tie-ins. I loved Sinestro Corps War, that's what dragged me back in.

But in the recent months I started getting Marvel trades, and now I'm much more excited about them. I'm enjoying Secret Invasion (I don't read the tie-ins) and I'm hating Final Crisis, which I thought I was going to absolutely love. SI is a nice straight forward epic, whilst FC is just bizarre and cerebral and "what-if?".

So I'm enjoying DC and Marvel at the moment, though each have differing strengths and weaknesses.
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