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Re: Is anyone else sick of the junk coming out of both Marvel and DC?

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A lot of the recent storylines have interested me when I'd read about them in Wizard or on articles on websites, for example Civil War, World War: Hulk and Secret Invasion all seemed like great ideas to me. However, in practice, they've all stunk and been chores to read.
The problem with all of these is that they build themselves up as these universe-altering events and in the end there's little to no payoff. In truth, I don't think Marvel's cross-over events have ever been done too well, but these days they seem to be hyped up to such a large degree that the disappointment is more noticeable.
Another thing is the primal lack of communication between writers. A while back, Red Skull appeared in one comic despite having been killed the same month in Cap. Yeah, he never stays dead. But the same month, with no *occurs before Cap#* inserted?

Another one was, of course, the IM editors not caring how Tony Stark was depicted in the pages of CW. I generally liked JMS Spidey stuff. But in the CW issues, Tony was this ravening fascist, and basically told Peter unmask or be outed. Then, to top it off, dialogue from a Spidey issue (They're never being released, Peter) that follows *directly* into a Main CW issue is altered between issues. Not just phrasing, mind you. But the same line, taken from the same scene (Only until they register, Peter. Then they'll be released). The first instance makes Iron Man completely corrupt, and the second makes you wonder what the hell has Spidey up in arms. No where is it said that Spidey's worries are making him hear things.

Finally, we go to Countdown to/Final Crisis. OK. Darkseid and all his cronies are humiliatingly killed while being hunted like dogs, some pleading for their skins. But Grant Morrison knew nothing of Starlin's series, or was allowed to act as such, because after their beat-down, the evil NG's were all reborn as mostly untouchable crime bosses who seem to have already won in the brief interval between events. Yeah, them and Beast Wars Megatron, because its well known that total defeat and humiliation puts you in the catbird's seat.
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