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Is anyone else sick of the junk coming out of both Marvel and DC?

I've just about had it with both Marvel and DC right now. Both companies have a couple good titles, but have gotten so wrapped up in trying to top both each other and themselves with each new crisis and crossover that most of the main titles from each has turned into a steaming pile of crap.

On the Marvel side, Civil War was actually fairly well-handled, even if the concept was dumb. But Secret Invasion has been a total mess from the start. I still can't make heads or tails of it, and feel like I'm missing half of what's going on. New Avengers' constant flashbacks and side-stories are beyond frustrating. And One More Day/Brand New Day is the worst Spider-Man story of the past few years. I simply don't understand why they felt the need to retcon the marriage. How about allowing Spidey to have some actual character development? X-Men: Messiah Complex was rather convoluted as well, though the aftermath (primarily the new direction of Astonishing X-Men) is pretty good.

Despite its flaws, Marvel has produced a few good comics - Captain America, Astonishing X-Men, New Exiles, and Amazing Spider-Girl.

DC, on the other hand, has been thoroughly awful for several years now. Boring characterization, insipid plots, and increasingly "epic" crossovers are rampant. Infinite Crisis demolished pretty much everything that was good with Crisis on Infinite Earths. Superboy-Prime comes across as rather silly, and Alexander Luthor's reasons for restoring the multiverse were never clear (to me, at least). But that doesn't compare to Final Crisis. I still don't understand what the hell is going on. It's poorly conceived, poorly written, and has even more pointless tie-ins than Secret Invasion.

The whole DC universe has become far too convoluted. It needs to be reset, as the creators attempted to do with CoIE. But instead of phasing in the resets, they need to happen in the same month in every book. They also need to decide if they want a Multiverse or not. And finally, stop with the forever epic crossovers. I want to read some stories with good, consistent characters, not 3-issue arcs in between the endless epic tie-ins.

Sorry if this is rambling nonsense to everyone else, but it's pretty much how I feel about it right now.
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