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Re: What was the point of FC?

No, sorry, I go with the simple answer here. Bad writing created her, bad writing made her even worse. All it did was gut QWHO, and the principle 'experts' of the Borg in that episode; Guinan and Q. The relentless attack of, well, zombies, that you could not negotiate with is what made the BORG so different.

The Queen just made them yet another Star Trek race, with a bumby-headed ruler, who you could converse with. Absolutely ruined them, all because the producers thought a horny Borg queen would get a rise out of the targeted audience that FC was aimed at; teenage boys.

It worked...they got their erections, and it got FC a lot of bucks. But to me? I think the Borg went downhill from there. In fact, the next big step in the Borg story was yet, another sexy Borg, Seven, aimed at the same crowd. And this time, they weren't even subtle about it.

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