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Re: Destiny trilogy - speculations

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All part and parcel of Borders' own economic implosion. Basically, they have neither the cash nor the available credit to order new inventory, and are falling behind on many new titles.
I had not heard anything like that, but I did notice when they scaled back their music section recently.

It's possible they had copies stacked farther back on the shelf. When I was looking for the last Terok Nor book, I actually had to pull all of the old books off the shelf to find the new one in the back. Unbelievable. Does seem like I've had to go to B&N more lately to get the Trek books.

That's not counting the recent spat of books arriving with covers either chipped, scuffed up or with some unidentifiable coating on them.

Although they're not the only ones that seem to have such a sparse number of new releases. For being such an apparent titanic undertaking, the Barnes & Noble near me had a grand total of three copies of Gods of Night. Three. Well, two now after I got done with them.
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