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Re: Every Star Trek Blueprint in existence!?!

Thanks Ptrope- I appreciate it.

On another note - and something I was going to post on a few other forums within TrekBBS - is a recent addition I've made to the site which contains blueprints/schematics/rough drawings of the little know 'Enterprise That Never Was' which also goes by the NX-1701.

You can see the prints here

A question for those of you out there: Does anyone else have these blueprints? My set, which I purchased long ago as part of a larger Ebay auction, is incomplete. I was able to piece together some missing pages from other material that also dealt with the NX-1701 but I'm fairly certain I'm missing a couple of important sheets.

I'd really appreciate it If anyone could shed some additional light on them..

Wow - 2 posts in one day from me... Starlock must be in shock

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