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^ ^ They clearly have things they need to do, since they are always showing drones working when they aren't regenerating.

I'm not really getting the part where Borg are vulnerable simply because they're not streamlined. Normally, opponents try to disable them with weapons in the same way as other foes.

The damage enemies can accomplish to the collective through a drone are limited to viruses, which in their deadliest form so far, have not wiped out the collective. The queen will destroy tens of thousands of Borg herself to amputate a malady, so it seems a cost of doing business. And unlike humans, a Borg's memories literally live on as long as there is a collective. Their death has less at stake than for us.
well with all that tech, the things that the drones are working on can be accomplished by the computers themselves. either you just need to have a program running things or you can use the nanites to self repair whatever is physically wrong. that's why i don't really see a practical use for a drone. what do they do that can't be done by any tech they have? if they need "bodies" they certainly don't need biological ones. they don't even need physical ones.

as far as being vulnerable, i just meant that those are more things that enemies can get at or target. i've seen instances where ripping out certain "hanging" things on a borg just made it go offline or damaged.

whether the vulnerability is high or low is not the question. the vulnerability is there. it's a doorway to use. just because it hasn't been exploited to the point where it would destroy the collective doesn't mean it won't. and they have suffered damage through that vulnerability to some degree where it impaired them a bit.

so, logically and technically, they don't really need drones. any "drone" they might need can just be "constructed" its just a waste of energy trying to keep them. it's like a factory trying to do stuff manually when it's more expensive and more efficient and cost effective machinery is available. could it be that the borg don't even know that they are not doing things the most efficient manner possible? maybe, they are more "humanoid" than they think they are. they are basically altered biological beings. they are trying to elevate themselves but still can't get rid of that part? hmm....
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