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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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The Troi subplot had me riled up a bit.
Ree's diagnosis of the underlying genetic problems is fine. However, there's not reason why the problems should be insurmountable in creating a viable ovum. And I'm calling bullshit on his final diagnosis.

First, okay, Troi has mitochondrial DNA damage. Are there no other Betazoids aboard the Titan that a mitochondria could be borrowed from? Or does the Titan's shipboard computer not have a sequencing of Betazoid mitochondrial DNA? Given that mitochondrial DNA is the most stable across populations, using another Betazoid's mitochondria (or rebuilding it from an established baseline, since Ree says that he can, in fact, rebuild DNA) should be feasible.

Second, the corruption of Deanna's ova DNA. Ree says that he can't rebuild that, because he doesn't know what to rebuild it to. The problem is that Deanna has a fuckload of cells in her body with the standard template. (Use the DNA out of the intestine, like "Up the Long Ladder.") I find it impossible to believe that by the 24th-century Federation medical science can't take a cell and induce meiosis upon its genetic material.

So, I'm forced to draw one or two conclusions. Either it's the Voyager problem -- technobabble for technobabble's sake to confuse the issue with nonsense -- or Dr. Ree is simply unwilling to help Deanna Troi. Given the conversation Ree and Vale have later, the latter is entirely possible, but I can't dismiss the former.
I have read about two thirds of the book and I will say much more in a few days. (My review is already 5 pages long and I am not sure how much longer it will get)

I do like Dr. Ree but his treatment and attitude towards Deanna leaves a lot to be desired. I had to remember what Dax told Bashir in an episode, it is arrogant to believe that because he can`t find a cure that there isn`t any.

Even assuming that Deanna will really never be able to use her eggs, her womb is perfectly fine. Suggesting that she should have a hysterectomy is even worse than trying to force her to have an abortion. Even today, in the real world, women who can`t use their eggs can become pregnant. Dr. Ree has no right whatsoever to take that away from Deanna
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