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Re: Silent Hill: Homecoming (360, PS3, PC)

No Wii version? I don't have a PS3 or 360, so am gonna have to wait or pass on this one. Reading the review and synopsis, though, I'm still of the opinion that SH:2 was far and away my favorite. Liked the setting, the background stories, and the trying to armchair psychoanalyze what was REALLY going on (ie. what really happened with the wife, did he kill her and have a psychotic break, is any of this real or did the guy just f'ing lose his mind, is he really just bound up in a padded room somewhere, etc). Great story with a lot of depth, especially for a horror/shooter genre. Plus the dark and the shadows, with noises in the background, plays a lot better than being rushed and attacked by zombies. Thinking back on it, there are very few bad guys, or even other characters, in the entire game. Mostly lets you creep YOURSELF out, with a few moments of bad guy-induced panic to keep it going, or a brief, frantic fight.

great series!
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