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Re: Every Star Trek Blueprint in existance!?!

So here we go again

As others have already pointed out, those blueprints which are currently for sale (which is illegal in and of itself, but that's another matter) are only represented on my site with limited details (usually all of the thumbnail images along with a couple of full-resolution images).

This is done with the full permission - and appreciation - of the artists. I'm helping to spread the word about their blueprints so all can benefit.

As for Charles and Alan -- they approached me about having their blueprints represented on the site - as have many other illustrators.

My site was created to serve as a resource and a means to celebrate the incredible work the fans have created over the years. It was NOT created with with any malicious intent towards the artists.

I hope you can all find it useful.

John (Jag2112)
The Star Trek LCARS Book/Episode/Blueprints Database

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