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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

I know this sounds prehistoric, but I don't actually have a digital camera, and my 35mm broke about 3 years ago. I tried taking a picture with my laptop just now, but even under kitchen halogen lighting, it was just mush, out of focus and indistinct.

One more thing of note; if any of you have seen SPY WHO LOVED ME, the bond that Adam designed just before he worked on STAR TREK, you may remember the huge submersible structure in the film. I've always thought the pontoons looked like warp nacelles, and it is even funnier now, because his trek enterprise nacelles didn't look as much like them as this ATLANTIS thing in SPY. Maybe he was afraid he'd be repeating himself.

I also just thought of something in reality that might have inspired that 'open' saucer section. In a really horrible movie called CONCORDE AIRPORT 79, which can be screamingly funny if you're in the right mood, there is a sequence inside a big airport (france?) and it is filled with escalators in tubes if I recall correctly. Anybody who has seen this POS will probably remember the location, as it is the only element in the movie that looks interesting and doesn't have matte lines.

I gotta get back to the book now.
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