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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

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wow. Let's try that again.

No, I understood you the first time. So you think all hero's must act like Superman and never kill and rescue kittens out of tree's? What a boring vision.
The concepts of the hero and the antihero are literary constructs. They are not opposites. You don't seem to be grasping the concept. I refer you to Leslie Erickson's Ph.D. dissertation, entitled The search for self: Everyday heroes and an integral re-visioning of the heroic journey in postmodern literature and popular culture, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2004. It sheds some light on the current popularity of Wolverine and the degradation in the depiction of Superman's character over the past 20 years.
Haven't read the book, but I have to back up beaker here. Wolverine was the very definition of a comic book anti-hero in the '70s and early '80s, and this was widely recognized at the time. That he became so popular and emulated that he started looking more like the norm is another story....
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