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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

The Adam book just arrived. It looks terrific, with six pages on TITANS.

Unfortunately I think I'd break the binding if I tried scanning it, but I'll try to describe the new stuff.

Most significant to me is visual confirmation of an old Kaufmann statement about wanting to see down through the whole ship in one shot ... which sounded pretty weird to me. I guess he was serious, because there is a large illustration of the inside of ... I guess the saucer ... where you have large station linked by horizontal and diagonal tubes.

The space brain pic is repeated, but then there are pics of an enormous meditation chamber, which is maybe where Spock has his destiny revealed to him? Hard to tell exactly what he had in mind, whether it was a precursor to the fortress of solitude or more of a limbo set. Very preliminary, but the perspective lines cry out for somebody to do something with it.

The text still has it wrong about Meyer writing the eventual TMP script, same as that other book, but this thing is so gorgeous I can't really complain.

What is even more interesting is that if you go past the TREK pages to the next, a presentation for a CINEMA OF THE FUTURE thing that never happened, you see this horseshoe design that is very evocative of what the TNG bridge wound up being, though much much larger.
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