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Re: So, what are all these dots we see the Enterprise passing?

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A starships bussard collectors magnetically attract stray hydrogen molecules and pull them into the ship's ramscoop on the front of its necelles. It could be safe to assume that as the hydrogen molecules pass through the warp field they would be excited and begin to glow. Of course that doesn't explain all the streaks moving past the ship, but that's my best guess
But there's really no good reason that a starship would be gathering hydrogen atoms from space around them: there's almost no hydrogen out there, the rate of collection would be useless for the sorts of accelerations starships insist upon, and in areas of space like that around the Sun, they'd serve as much better brakes than anything else.
The hydrogen molecules could have many uses, not the least of which is raw matter for ships stores. The replicators need basic matter to transform into those colorful yet tasty dishes and Earl Grey teas.
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