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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

I'm thinking about going to work dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange just so I can annoy my coworkers by speaking in Nadsat all day long, but I might go with something that takes a little less effort.

I have the boots and hat (well, I have a fedora instead of a bowler, but fedoras are more awesome anyway.)

I can probably find a shirt, pants, and suspenders that'll work if I go to enough thrift stores. The cane too. It's work, so I don't need it to have the hidden knife.

The fake eyelashes I'll probably just draw on with eyeliner. I wear glasses so I have to exaggerate it to be noticeable.

The hard part is the codpiece. In the film, cricket codpieces were used... they cost $100+ and I'd have to have it shipped in from Brittan. I can probably get something similar looking using an ordinary jock strap, fabric, stuffing, and an hour on a sewing machine.

I'll also drink milk all day for extra authenticity. the "plus vellocet" part might be difficult because, as far as I know, vellocet isn't a real drug. I guess I'll just crush up some vicodin and crystal meth and call the mixture vellocet. Or whatever, I'm sure I can find some substance that'll do an adequate job of getting me sharppened up for the ultraviolence.
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