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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

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My costume this year will be a pair of pants and nothing else. If anyone asks about my costume, I intend to say, "I'm a premature ejaculation. I just came in my pants."
That is the single greatest thing I've ever heard.

I have no idea what I'm doing for Halloween this year. I'm still trying to figure where the Halloween party is going to be. The last few years my roommates and I always had the party at our house. But we've all split up and live separately now, so we need to figure out who is going to host the party.

Previous costumes:
Last year I picked up my "costume" the day of Halloween, and it was glorious. I had no idea what I was going to be, so I went to Walmart and tried to figure it out. I ended up buying a kid's Spiderman pajama 2-pack (one pair was a Spiderman costume, the other was Venom). So I forced myself into the Spiderman pajamas, completely ripping them in the process. Then halfway through the night, I hid in my room for a while, and when I came out again, I was wearing the Venom costume.

The year before my roommates and I were the One-ders from "That Thing You Do." We spray painted gold some cheap thrift store suits. It was sweet.

The year before that my roommate and I were Prince Adam and He-Men, respectively. And because I always love busting out this picture...

I am the Quintessential Admiral.
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