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Re: USS Aventine

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Depending on the future of the Aventine, would you consider a design contest similar to the one you did with the Titan and the Luna class?

No, thanks. While I was happy with the end result of the Titan competition, the contest involved too much grief before, during, and after for me to want to get involved in such an undertaking again anytime soon. Life is simply too short.

By contrast, hiring an artist, discussing with him/her what I'd like to see, pitching ideas back and forth, and considering different options under controlled cheaper, faster, easier, less uncertain, less complicated, and just pretty much hassle-free overall. That's how the Vanguard and Sagittarius designs were developed.

So if Aventine is ever to be rendered for a book, I'll go the latter route.

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...wasn't there something in the Titan books about the Luna class being put on hold because of Starfleet's shift toward a more military-oriented set of priorities?
Yes. It's mentioned in "The Story Behind the Luna-class," the last section of the Titan concept notes that were part of the design contest rules in the back of Taking Wing.
I would love to take a crack at her. I like the image earlier in this thread.

I could see that as a jumping off point.
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