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Re: Renaissance class U.S.S. Aries

How is the shape too specific? In the Yeager, the outboard impulse blocks have been omitted, greeblies have been added in their place, other greeblies omitted e.g. from the wings, and the warp grillework is missing/painted over, leaving only the nacelles to represent a warp propulsion system. Apart from this, the hull is a simple flat box - one of the most rationally scaleable structures imaginable, and one that the manufacturer no doubt configures differently internally in all its applications anyway.

So essentially none of the scaling counterindications that Bernd carefully lists should apply to this particular case. The only thing that perhaps couldn't or at least shouldn't be scaled up without altering its shape is the wingtip cannon thingamabob, and the failure to omit those from the Yeager is my single misgiving with the design.

As for "welded onto an Intrepid", well, somebody welded a secondary hull to NCC-74656, too. Both sets of welders seem to have done a fairly smooth job, even if the quarterdeck of the Yeager is a bit busier.

Timo Saloniemi
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