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Re: Post-DS9 Cardassia

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Of course the retort to THAT is, "I don't care WHAT your DNA structure is--that doesn't excuse the fact that you chose to commit an atrocity." The relativist Federation probably wouldn't have the stomach for such an argument, but the Cardassians strike me as absolutists from a moral/ethic standpoint and I bet you they would say it.
No proof it was an atrocity, no one ever says that the actions that Klingons took were wrong or unjust. Plus it was the Dominion that doomed the Eleventh to its fate by deciding to sacrifice them to tie up worthwhile Klingon divisions in capturing a strategically worthless planet. How much anger would the Cardassians direct at the Klingons and how much would they aim at the Dominion?
I'd say they both get the blame: one for setting it up and the other for carrying it out in such an extreme manner.
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