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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

My brother throws a great Halloween block party every year. I'm normally pretty reserved and don't get too crazy and go for something easy like a caveman or pirate. My wife on the other hand loves Halloween and goes all out.

We were at the store the other night looking at costumes and I decided screw it. I'm tired of buying a new costume every year. They just take up closet space. So, I'm doing the totally unexpected and wearing the Elvira costume she wore 2 years ago. We pulled out the costume when we got home and did the makeup. It was frightening. My wife thinks I look better than she did.

To top it off, while I hid in the kitchen with the lights off, my wife went and yanked our 13 year old daughter from her room. The look on her face was priceless. "Dad you look like a girl!!!!!"

I can't wait to hit on all the drunk guys at the party.
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