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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

Great book. I'm dying under the weight of reading and papers for graduate school, but this book I made time for. It'll mean a few very long nights towards the end of the week, but it was well worth it!

Obviously, as the first in the trilogy we've only just begun our journey down destiny's path, but what an opening! Wonderful references to other series - the inclusion of characters from DS9, Voyager, Articles of the Federation, a couple of mentions of New Frontier etc. and a very intriguing story behind the disappearance of the Columbia. Reading about the death of the Columbia cw was quite horrific.

What I loved most about this book was how David Mack completely left his pre-release detractors in the dirt. With mud on their faces. This was not in the slightest bit a Borg story and certainly not 'more of the same'. The Borg, I feel, were in many ways incidental to the character dynamics that were explored; Picard's (perhaps) descent into madness? Riker and Troi's marital difficulties, and the plethora of character moments throughout the book.

When the Borg killed Admiral Paris, for example, we didn't get a description of what was going on outside the Starbase because that didn't matter, but the touching struggle of an old man carrying a lot of pain trying to do his best to make things right with his son before he died.

And that's what the Borg should be about, which is something both Christopher Bennett and David Mack understand and is the primary reason why their Borg works leave the other two recent additions to the Borg pantheon (Resistance and Before Dishonor) in the dirt. It's never about The Borg. It's always about the characters.

I'm psyched to learn how the Caeliar and Captain Hernandez integrate into the Borg invasion storyline. I'm looking forward with excitement and fear as to what the Borg will do next, and how they may potentially alter 24th century Trek.

Next month can't come fast enough.
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