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Rare Star Trek Photos for October 2008

Here ya go, folks! October's edition, hot off the FTP!

I have 5 more already complete, a 6th in progress, still more material to sort through, and hopefully over that span of time to release those, I'll also be able to acquire more material.

Some favorites I want to point out...

^^ This is a variant of an often seen publicity photo of Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura. Finding a variant of something from 1967... that's RARE as frak!

^^ Is this not the coolest photo of Beverly Crusher EVER?

^^ This photo has proven to me that an alternate, rejected set of season 6 DS9 cast photos exists! Take a look at this Sisko photo:

and compare (what little you can see of Jadzia's) background to that. The grating, the colors, and the lighting. The Sisko photo was the cover of the 1999 (I think?) DS9 calendar, but I'd never seen another of that style until this Jadzia photo. So that's a bit of a discovery!

^^ This one is just adorable. 2-year-old Keegan deLancie with his father in the big chair. Keegan played Q2, Q's son, in one of the final Voyager episodes.

^^ Gates McFadden nuzzling make-up man Michael Westmore

There's much more, but those are just a few highlights I thought I'd share.

If you're not sure what a photo shows, why it's rare, or just love one, post a reply and let me know!
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