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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

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That's kind of why I don't like Halloween anymore, when it used to be one of my favorite holidays. I don't particularly like putting on lingerie and one or two accessories and calling it a costume. And since college, it seems like that's what most of the girls do at the parties I attend. " Look, I'm wearing practically nothing but I've got these irritating wings on that leave glitter all over the place! I must be a fairy!"

Or maybe I'm just bitter because I can't pull it off.
I wouldn't worry too much about those types of girls if I were you. You're married to someone who loves and adores you, which means you've got the type of genuine attention and affection that those other girls haven't realized yet. I would think that being the object of someone's momentary desire is a pale substitute for what you have.

... At least that is how I hope I make my wife feel every day.
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