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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

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That's kind of why I don't like Halloween anymore, when it used to be one of my favorite holidays. I don't particularly like putting on lingerie and one or two accessories and calling it a costume. And since college, it seems like that's what most of the girls do at the parties I attend. " Look, I'm wearing practically nothing but I've got these irritating wings on that leave glitter all over the place! I must be a fairy!"

Or maybe I'm just bitter because I can't pull it off.

I'm going to two parties this year, and I've got two costumes. I'm definitely going to be Red Riding Hood for one, as it's cute enough, but not ridiculously skimpy. Plus I think my husband wouldn't mind dressing up as the Big Bad Wolf, and that would be fun. The other costume I really like is a Bat-Girl outfit, but I'm worried that'd be a bit too nerdy for that particular crowd of people. I'll post pictures if there are any where I look decent.
The thing is, I think you and tsq are preaching to the converted. Most of the guys on here would find a Sci-Fi/Comics/Fantasy costume a lot sexier than some non-existent outfit with a pair of wings attached. I know that's not what you are going for yourself, but that way you get to wear a costume that's not ridiculously revealing and looking good in it is a bonus.

Nobody ever wants to dress up as Ms. Marvel, though.

She's Marvel's greatest superhero, what's the matter with you people ?
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