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Re: Halloween Costume Thread!

I'm always interested in seeing what people come up with, and I used to make tons of costumes for both myself and my first wife (who was an elementary school teacher), but I've only gotten dressed up for two of the last 10 Halloweens. I'm not much into social events and my current wife is a cook and often works on Halloween, so I've gotten out of the practice. The last two times I dressed up were in 1997 and 2005. If anyone is interested I'll see if I can find the images from those.

I tend toward mostly home made stuff. My favorite costumes were from back in 1988 when I bought my wife and I flight suits and dressed them up with NASA mission patches (there was an astronaut named Shaw who had flown a number of missions) and leather name tags. It looked very authentic, and I was wearing mine while apartment hunting that day. After being shown one apartment I had gone back to the managers office to fill out the paperwork and she asked if I was moving there from Florida. I told her that we were just moving a little closer to the school where I was attending classes and working as a campus police officer. She was quite surprised, she hadn't realized it was Halloween.

Because my first wife taught a combination first, second and third grade, she had most of her students for up to three years. So that meant that we needed a new costume each year. One year I made her into Little Bow Peep (using an old brides maid gown as a starting point), another year I made her a sheep costume, another year she was a big green fish, and another she was a Hershey's Kiss (which I made out of silver lame fabric).

I didn't mind making these too much (I was the only one of us who had any sewing experience, and I had made her other things beyond costumes). The main problem was that Halloween usually fell around the time I was studying for mid terms.
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