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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

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Emma is evil. She takes pleasure in causing pain, anguish, and manipulating people. Fitting for a serial rapist. She was just crafty enough and picked the winning side. There is no moral ambiguity there. She doesn't believe in what Xavier believes in. She thinks mutants are superior to humans, but unlike Magneto she's willing to wait on inheriting the Earth. It's why she's always spewing out that elitist crap. She's a disgusting waste of a person and Marvel needs to quit pretending she's a good guy.
For the most part I agree with you, but, I believe she does love Scott and she was she did make it very clear to Bishop that under no circumstances would the X-Men join the Civil War on the pro-Registration side as she believed that registration goes against all the X-Men stand for.
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