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Re: Hurt/Heal Game: Best DS9 Episode: Grand Final

S1 Duet 13
S1 Emissary 8
S1 In the Hands of the Prophets 5 -
S1 Captive Pursuit 6
S2 The Wire 8
S2 The Jem'Hadar 11
S2 Crossover 10
S2 Necessary Evil 3
S2 Whispers 8
S3 Improbable Cause 10
S3 The Die is Cast 10
S3 Visionary 10
S3 Defiant 4
S3 The Adversary 10
S4 The Visitor 15
S4 The Way of the Warrior 15
S4 Hard Time 10
S4 Little Green Men 9
S5 Call to Arms 10
S5 By Inferno's Light 11
S5 In Purgatory's Shadow 10
S5 Trials and Tribble-ations 10
S5 For the Uniform 10
S6 In the Pale Moonlight 12 +
S6 Far Beyond the Stars 8
S6 Sacrifice of Angels 13
S6 Favor the Bold 11
S7 The Changing Face of Evil 10
S7 What You Leave Behind 9
S7 The Dogs of War 8
S7 Treachery, Faith and the Great River 8

32nd: S6 The Magnificent Ferengi
33rd: S7 The Siege of AR-558
34th: S4 Our Man Bashir
35th: S1 Progress

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Btw, you guys seriously suck for eliminating AR-558 already.
To each his own, but I agree with Geck. I thought it was overrated in the S7 ranking. Too cliched for my tastes. It's main redeeming feature is that it sets up the excellent It's Only A Paper Moon, which IMO should have made the top 5 from S7. But that's why we play the game!
I definitely agree that It's Only a Paper Moon is an awesome ep, one of my favourite from the show as well (just like AR-558).
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