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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

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She's certainly vindictive, but she isn't evil; she stopped being a villain after her students were killed (the first time), and opened a new school with Xavier's support, including admitting human students toward the end. Like I said, she often favours more expedient methods then others on the team, but she isn't a villain.
No she's evil. Kitty Pride totally called it right. She enjoys mind-raping people and using people and killing people and is full of scorn and contempt for anyone who isn't "one of the chosen". None of that has ever changed. Just because someone isn't a villain anymore doesn't make them any less evil. She's a total sociopath in every way. She just happens to love kids.

Of course Wolverine is an anti-hero. So is Rambo. An anti-hero is not the same as a "bad guy."
How is killing commies for America bad? How is killing super-villains who have it coming bad?
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