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Re: Comparing Notes at the San Francisco Yards

yelahttam wrote: View Post
My new desktop. Really profoundly well done. Love seeing these two beautiful ships side by side.
Oh, hey, Matt! Decide to join in all the fun?

backstept wrote: View Post
you should post it over at
I'm sure everyone will love it, and it's a good excuse to stop lurking
Lurking, hell. I just wanted see the pictures people were posting whenever I was linked there. Still, I may join in.

GilmourD wrote: View Post
That's sexy. Have you done the same scene at other angles with different lighting?
I've finished one variation so far. I may put it and any more I come up with on-line in the coming days. So far, though, the first is my favorite.
I come here to have fun and fuck around merrily. I expect to showered by all kind of random crap.
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