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Re: Continuity Nazis: Your own personal canon.

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Not to mention totally senseless and illogical on many levels.
Hardly, Morrison waved Xorn's true identity in our faces for almost his entire run. My reaction to the reveal, while not quite on the same level as "Okay, Echo just killed Elektra... Why is she green ? What's up with her ears... Hold on, that's a Skrull... Elektra's a Skrull ? Elektra's a f***ing Skrull ?!?!?" was still one of shock and amazement.

On another forum nearer the time we picked through everything that had happened on Morrison's run and never found one thing that Xorn did with his "gravity powers" that Magneto couldn't have done.
But...using Emma's powers, Cyclops COLLAPSED XORN'S NON-EXISTENT STAR BRAIN INTO A BLACK HOLE. Shouldn't Magneto be brain dead? And he also telepathically taught him ENGLISH -- a language he already knew. My brain hurts just thinking about that.

EDIT: I also find it remarkably stupid that no matter how much Magneto hates humans that he'd put them in concentration camps. I mean...really. Really. Seriously?
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