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Re: Destiny=New Jedi Order?

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From what little I know of Destiny (basically just the overall storyline), the comparison to NJO is an obvious one to make. However, I suspect Destiny will end up being the stronger story overall since it is a trilogy and won't be dragged out over 19 goddamn novels - seriously, no single storyline warrants that many books.
Agreed. That was the first time it ever took me three years to read a series. The damn thing just went on FOREVER, and has (so far, anyway) put me off the Dark Nest Trilogy, and the Legacy series.

That said, I'm still looking forward to Destiny. What little I know of it, it sounds interesting, although I must have missed something somewhere, "Captain Ezri Dax"?? How did that happen??

Nothing against it, just don't remember it from a previous book.
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