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Re: Greater Than The Sum Review *** POTENTIAL SPOILERS ***

Of the three Borg-infested TNG-R books, this was by far my favorite (Q & A may have been the best overall). I like all of the new cast members introduced this time around (I think I dated T'Ryssa in college). I was a little miffed that Geordi didn't make an apprearance until about 100 pages in. He seems to get shorted a lot in these books. I hope all this "Geordi Can't Get a Woman" stuff goes somewhere. He lost his best friend and it would be nice if he finally found someone.

Like a lot of folks, I'm suffering from Borg Fatigue. I thought Christopher did an excellent job, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to see Jean-Luc and Co. tackle some strange new problem and explore a whole new situation.

Next up: Kobiyashi Maru and Destiny!
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