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Re: Post-DS9 Cardassia

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It was MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE overkill. Where is the justification for a wholesale slaughter? The Eleventh Order could easily have been dealt a blow from which they could not recover without having to kill all 500,000. (And there was no statement anywhere to indicate that the 11th did any sort of kamikaze maneuver--the way it was described, the Klingon troops were responsible.) That's not a battle. That's a massacre.

Obviously the Cardassians have some hideous things in their past, and I'm not justifying a bit of it. But Septimus III would, in the Cardassians' eyes, be the most recent in a string of abuses by the Klingons--including the unjustified war that arguably paved the way for the Dominion to take over the Union. If I were them, I would not want a single Klingon in Cardassian territory: they probably would be concerned the Klingons might take the opportunity to finish the genocide the Dominion started. True, Martok's leadership probably means that wouldn't really happen. But if I were a Cardassian, I would not trust that without their having to prove themselves over a long period of time.
Still don't see why the Federation would care. The Cardassians were the enemy at the time and from the reports the Klingons destroyed a military force that have half a million soldiers at is disposal. That's how you win wars, you take away the enemies ability and will to fight.

We don't know much about that battle anyway. The Cardassians could have decided to fight to the last out of stubbornness or because the commanders believed, like Damar did, that the Dominion would reinforce them. However, given what we know of the Klingons there is a high chance that they went a bit over the top. I think it was Nor the Battle to the Strong that one of the doctors/nurses said that in the heat of battle Klingons don't care if you're in medical scrubs, they are likely to lop your head off with a bat'leth.

If I were the Federation or Klingons I wouldn't be too trusting of the Cardassians either.
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