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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Gods of Night - SPOILER Thread

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LOL Does anyone else thing that their nanotech will form the basis for the Borg's beginning in the far and distant past in the Delta quadrant? I was glad, in a sense, to see Erica 'alive' in the 24th century, but I've got to wonder if they've Grigari-ed her all up to keep her goin'. I hope not.
That would be interesting, to finally have an origin of the Borg.

I wonder if that isn't really Hernandez. One of the Titan crew members' tricorders reads her as a Caeliar like the others, so I wonder if this isn't a ploy of some kind. Although, their technology seemed so advanced in 2168 that they might have already had the ability to essentially become immortal. I guess they might feel like they have to keep her alive, considering their extremely strict social laws against the death of other sentient beings. I suppose that could also include preventing natural death as well, but that is hard to tell from what was presented in 'Gods of Night'. Hopefully we will have a firm answer in the next book.
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