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Land has the unfortunate habit of tracing pictures of multiple people who look nothing alike and trying to pass it off for the same character. As a result, characters change size, shape, faces, and hair style panel-to-panel.

Wasn't there an example somewhere on the web where he used 16 very distinct women to protray Sue Storm in one issue? Often, several completely different ones appeared on the same page. Now that's funny.
And usually none of them capture the spirit of the character or of the action (unless the action involves a circlejerk of some sort).
From an artistic standpoint, there's a greater problem: he utterly fails to integrate his tracings into a cohesive whole. There's no composition; the viewer's eye is drawn every which way (which is bad enough in pin-up work, and absolutely fatal in sequential storytelling), light sources are inconsistent within the same panel... basically his work looks like an ill-planned collage.

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This is accepted practice though, the comics industry doesn't really have any artistic or professional integrity. Which is one of the reasons so few people take it seriously as an art form. It doesn't take itself seriously, any plagerist or hack is welcome.
That's most unfair. It's unfortunate that an idiot like Quesada is in charge, and that talentless hacks like Liefeld get work. But there are dozens of amazing comic book artists out there. Check out Ariel Olivetti. Not to mention Alex Ross.
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