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Re: Quinto And Burk On 'Reframed' 'Star Trek'

What's the point of getting excited about a movie 7 months in advance?

I plan on getting excited when I'm at the theator. Until then, there's no point in worrying about it. Fans will see it, hype or no hype. For everyone else, hyping it too soon won't do enough to justify the cost.

We'll get a trailer around xmas (that's still 5 months ahead of the release) and then a hype machine will slowly build starting next year probably.

It's all good.

it's like being at a striptease where 40 minutes go by and only the first veil has come off.
More like, we showed up ten hours early and have nothing better to do but sit there staring at the stage, ten dollar bill clutched firmly in trembling hand.
Time Travel was and will be confusing
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