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Re: Smallville 8-2 "Plastique" - Discuss/Grade <Spoiler>

One of the ideas intended for the reorigin comic Superman Birthright, was to paint clarks eyes with an almost iridescent blue ink, so impossibly blue that it's completely obvious that he can't be human... Ergo the glasses. However cost constraints side stepped the idea from being fully implemented by DC Comics.


God help us all.

However, when he talked about a friend with an outreach program for kids, I got to thinking maybe Granny Goodness was on the rise? Which would mean the new gods and Darkseid, who what with being immortal and all are a thawn in the pawn of the Legion a thousand years earlier too.

Wasn't Bart seen with a slu of fake ID's including paper work for the indentities of Jay Garrick and Wally West?
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