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Re: Smallville 8-2 "Plastique" - Discuss/Grade <Spoiler>

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You know, as the seasons went by, there was a constant massive land shift and Smallville kept getting closer and closer to Metropolis, to the point where Chloe could commute to work. Now it's so close you can have a character in Smallville call it Metropolis.
That reminds me of how on Deep Space Nine that every season it seemed that the station got closer and closer to Earth. Bajor was supposed to be a long ways from Earth in the first season and by the end of the series it took only a few days to go back and forth between Bajor and the Federation.


I kind of think that by the end of the show Clark will use some kind of tech from his Fortress and make everyone believe that he always wore glasses. That is assuming that they ever explain how people won't recognize Clark as Superman.
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