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Re: Renaissance class U.S.S. Aries

I hate the Yeager. In fact I hate both of the intrepid bashes. Try as I might I can't think up a logical justification for either designs. The best I can do is that they were cast off hulls and used as counter intelligence to make the Dominion think they had these different ships in operation. Like the bogus inflatable landing craft used to confuse German aerial reconnaissance shortly before D-Day.

As for the FC ships, I've taken quite a shine to the Steamrunner ever since I decided it was a medium transport/freighter. Akira is all kinds of cool and the Sabre (or is it Saber?) is compact and functional enough. A nice replacement for the Oberth-Class (future TNG remastered artists take note!) The Norway is a bit of something and nothing; can't really get a handle on it's function.
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